The Starbag


The Original Starbag with default matching liner

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The Starbag is a functional yet stylish collection display bag with a truly spacious interior. The bag is 13 in wide, 9 in tall, and 5 in deep with enough space to hold any size of iPad, Switch, and most small laptops. There is also a stretchy mesh pocket on the side to hold your water bottle and keep everything safe while you travel.

There are also exchangeable/removable inserts so that you can change up your display on the go. It also comes with a locking zipper for the front pocket to protect everything you want to show off.

Choose from three colorways:

Lavender Daydream - a beautiful purple and white - SOLD OUT
Hi-tech Traveller - a snazzy teal and black - SOLD OUT
Bugcatcher - an understated army green - SOLD OUT

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Bugcatcher (Green), Hi-Tech Traveler (Black/Teal), Lavender Daydream (White/Purple)


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