Archon’s Blessing Ita-Bag


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Archon's Blessing ita bag comes with three interchangeable straps, and is designed to be worn as a crossbody bag or as a backpack. Strap anchor points not in use can be used to hang charms or keychains. Designed to serve as fandom merch or a versatile cosplay accessory, the swappable liners allow you to change the 'element' of your vision at-will, making every Archon's Blessing bag a 7-in-1 vision! The bags are constructed from durable, vegan friendly faux leather.

All bags ship with one (1) liner, except for purchases with a Full Set which ship with seven (7) liners. Additional liners can be purchased.

If you're interested in following along, Archon's Blessing Vol 2 will drop the moment we have Sumeru's Vision!

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